Artistic Abilities

Mug shots with personality

Our first project was “Mug Shot with Personality.” We introduced the project by opening up with some questions about emotions and their features. Some examples are, “How do you feel today?” “What features of your face express that emotion?” “Can you draw that?” After a few sketches and brainstorming the students began building expressive mugs out of clay.

Class Questions:
-What are my expressions telling you about me or how I feel?
-How do you know that?
-What do these expressions tell you about these people?
-How do you know this?
-What features of the face help express people’s emotions?
-Can you show me an example using that facial feature?

Here is what we did!

These are a few of the emotions student’s drew: Happy, curious, angry, surprised and sad.
We took a couple of extra minutes to draw out those last ideas. Everyone was having so much fun drawing
and talking about how they feel when happy. One student applied the idea of wrinkles on the face, another curious about how
the mouth and eyebrows help express emotions, and allot of artistic causality.
Zoe Demoed how to build a mug using clay


If your interested in watching clips from this project in action click on the youtube link below.


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